My story

Is a true story, made by life…

My little son has been asking for a dog but I had a bad experience previously, knowing how smelly the house can be and how much kids suffer when a dog gets sick. Not to mention how expensive vet’s visits are…

As a healthy food freak I’ve started to study the dog food and I stumbled onto horror stories about what was going into kibble. It has disgusted me… I was more determined than ever to learn more and make a change for our beautiful friends.

The ingredient list on the bag didn’t help either. There were a lot of chemicals, “meals” and other mystery ingredients. They disguised waste turned into dog food. Sadly, vets  are not spreading the right knowledge and our furry friends are exposed to chemicals and artificial ingredients which are causing health issues.

I’ve studied Natural Dog Nutrition’s and Wellbeing, Natural Raw Food Diet For Dogs and achieved Canine Nutrition Diploma to become qualified Dog Nutritionist and I have joined the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association).

If you’ve come to visit this website with an open mind, dedication and mindset of learning new or additional ways of improving your pets health, I am here to assist!