Holistic healing for dogs through custom plans, personalised human-grade food, science-backed nutrition plans and ongoing care.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ellie!

I’m a certified Canine Nutritionist and I love sharing my knowledge to help our four-legged friends be healthier and happier. 

Like humans, dogs have different likes, needs and issues. I diagnose them with a friendly check up to support for long term health.

I’ve studied Natural Dog Nutritions and Wellbeing, Natural Raw Food Diet For Dogs and achieved Canine Nutrition Diploma to become qualified Dog Nutritionist and I have joined the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association).

Feel confident that I will care for your furbaby as my own!

Why Choose DOGOOD?

With so much opposing information on the internet, it can be hard to understand what your furbaby truly needs to be a thriving, happy and healthy dog.

Our non-intrusive health ‘assessment’ tool helps us to identify any possible problems with your doggo to determine the changes we need to make to their diet for ongoing support and health. 

After the check, we will create a custom meal plan that’s suitable to your dogs needs and their taste-buds.

We can also prepare and deliver the personalised, superfood meals to you!

Our Services







Written report with meal plan







Written report with meal plan

30 Days Support







Written report with meal plan

30 Days Support

Re-assessment after 30 days and report

Additional services

Standard Consultation $40 (15mins)

Consultation and one month support $60

Second dog 20% off

Third dog 40% off

Reassessment $100 ( up to 3 months after first assessment)


Book a free 15 min video or phone call to get to know me and talk about your doggos needs.


We only use the highest quality raw ingredients sourced from human-grade suppliers. No additives, fillers or preservatives, sugar or processed ingredients. 

Just packed full of superfood extras customised to your dogs needs!

Custom superfood ingredients include: vitamins, turmeric, seaweed and spirulina.


Book a free 15 min video or phone call to get to know me and talk about your doggos needs.

Why go to a pet nutritionist

Keep your dog as healthy as possible to avoid them getting sick

Get specific advice and in-depth nutrition knowledge not offered by a vet

Understand what nutrients are missing from your dogs diet to keep them happy and thriving

Learn your dogs’ allergies and sensitivities to prevent symptoms and sickness

Receive a custom diet plan from a certified nutritionist that your dog will love!

Have meals conveniently prepared and delivered to your door

Get regular, non-invasive checks in the comfort of your own home, without the scary vet!

Why store bought food (even the expensive stuff!) is like high-end fast food!

Unfortunately, people aren’t aware what’s hidden in store food. Unexplained ingredients causes a lot of damage in pups health.

Meat meal (rendered euthanized dogs and cats) animal by products(turning Inedible waste into pet food) BHA & BHT preservatives, sugar, gmo corn cause digestive dysfunction and that leads to Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Auto-immune diseases, allegies, and all those problems are higher than ever in our dogs.

Even top quality kibbles are bad for your pets. You can pay a fortune for it but its still processed food and your dog doesnt digest it properly. It’s like a human eating fast food on daily basis, ouch!!

As a pet owner full of love for your furry friend you can easily save money on vets bills and expensive dry food just by feeding your dog a proper healthy food and by end of a day won’t cost as much as expensive vet’s test, treatments plus your dog will stay healthy longer!

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Yes, dogs can eat watermelon, as long as you remove the rind and seeds (both black and white seeds contain cyanide) which can cause choking or an intestinal blockage. It’s full of vitamin A, B6, C and potassium. Watermelon is 92% water, so it’s a great treat on a warm day and can keep your dog hydrated.  Watermelon contains large amounts of lycopene, a plant compound that is very healthy for